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The term “Linen” popularly refers to all household fabrics – bedspread, curtains, etc. But linen saris are a different genre altogether, made of the finest fibres procured from the stalks of the flax plant, or Linum usitatissimum. Linen is the world’s strongest natural fibre (30% stronger than cotton), and one of the oldest cultivated plants in human civilization (dating back 8000 years!). It has great moisture absorbency, is hypo-allergenic, and is environment friendly (needs less water to cultivate). It is generally woven by interlacing threads horizontally and vertically on a loom. Linen yarn is also knit by creating consecutive rows of loops that intertwine with one another and lend a certain amount of stretch into the fabric.

Linen is regarded in Europe as the best quality fabric because of its endearing attributes. It softens with use and wash, is extremely durable and lasts decades when cared for gently. European families often pass vintage linen as an heirloom to their offsprings.

When you buy linen from Indus Loom, please make sure your children inherit it from you. Let generations enjoy the soft feel of this amazing fabric.

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