Welcome to Indus Loom! You have arrived at the perfect destination for the best of India’s handcrafted fabrics. We bring you the choicest selection of curated and customized textiles that are in themselves a statement of art. In our endeavor to connect our rural artisans and weavers with the rest of the world, we make sure that along with a steady source of income, they also receive constant encouragement to retain their heritage, continue their legacy profession. We work directly with the artisans cancelling out any interfering influence of middle men. Our comprehensive quality control and monitoring, also helps us offer the best products as well as maintain high standards in craftsmanship.



The Indus Loom™ LOGO

Indus Loom – the two words represent the subcontinent and its loom. Our textile industry is the second largest employer after agriculture, providing employment to over 45 million people directly and 60 million people indirectly. Our logo is the short representation of the “I” and the “L” with a dot symbolizing the epitome of excellence and empowerment.